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As you drive through the entrance gates to the Matamata Racing Club you can't help but notice the Richardson Racing Stables tidy and modern barn. 

The 30 horse barn is light and airy and is a perfect environment for both horse and human.  Each horse is happy and relaxed in their training habitat. There is a horse walker adjacent to the barn and hosing bays and tie-up stalls inside for staff to tend to each horses individual needs.

The Matamata Racing Club has long been recognised as one of New Zealand’s most significant racing and training centres and being based right on the track complex our horses have daily access to grass, plough, sand and an all-weather tracks, as well as a swimming pool, schooling fences, weighing scales and other modern facilities including customised jumpout gates.

An added bonus is 'The Farm' owned by Graham and situated down Banks Road.  The Farm is very close to the stables and offers a private, quiet and secluded environment for your horse to enjoy.  For those that may not do well in a stabled environment, horses can be trained from the tranquility of the farm, enjoying a paddock, a spell or a break in between runs.  It's all about individual attention.


Both Richie and Rochelle are committed to ensuring that Richardson Racing is proactive in marketing and promoting the stable and are proud sponsors and supporters of the following industry related, and non-industry related organisations:

Diabetes New Zealand
Counties Racing Club
Matamata Racing Club
Waikato Branch of the New Zealand Thoroughbred Breeders
Team McClaymont Saloon racing Car


Richie welcomes new people to racing and invites you to join Richardson Racing for the ultimate racing experience.  We believe communication is paramount and that's why we have implemented new initiatives to ensure our owner are always well informed wherever they are.  Our owners enjoy weekly emails, calls, photos and track videos of their horses, a regularly updated Richardson Racing Facebook page, an up to date stable website, raceday outings and annual events including the Richardson Racing Owners Day function.

We look forward to enjoying the thrill of racing with you!

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Our horses enjoy the natural light in our barn

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Class A Horse Trainer with NZ Racing
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7555 Hinuera Road, State Highway 27,
Matamata Racecourse

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Phone:  Graham 021 28 99 333
Phone: Office 07 888 5898
Email:  richardsonracing@xtra.co.nz