Track shot

Matamata Trackwork, Tuesday 15 April 2014
Agent Ziva prepared for Hastings on Saturday with a smart gallop at Matamata this morning.
Working 23 metres out on a dead course proper, Agent Ziva (A Jones) was well contained in the early stages of her work, cutting out 1000m in 1:05.3 and quickening readily for a final 600m in 36.9. The Karen Fursdon-trained mare is in good order for the new Listed sprint on the Hawke’s Bay Gold Cup programme.
Race rival Whosyourmaster (O’Sullivan) was also strong to the line as he cut out 1000m in 1:05.8 and 37.9, while stablemate Cast King (Wong) followed in 1:05.4 and 37.2 as he prepared for Tauranga on the weekend.
Revelator (P Ormsby) worked over ground and picked up Buck Wild (C Ormsby) to run a solid 1200m in 1:181.8, with the last 1000m in 1:04.4 and 600m in 36.8. Hastings candidate Wolfwhistle (Misbah) was paired with Sovereign Rose (Miller) in sound work over 1200m in 1:21, quickening over the last 1000m in 1:05.1 and 600m in 36.7.
Volcano (R Jones) and Rose Of Virginia (Barnes) prepared for Tauranga with 1200m in 1:17, 1000m in 1:04.2 and 600m in 38.3. Lifeline Express (Myers) was travelling strongly at the end of 1000m with Terse (Brett) in 1:04.5 and 36.8. Lifeline Express is on target for the Cambridge Breeders’ Stakes on Saturday week.
Costa Viva (Hercock), who is being prepared for a likely Queensland winter campaign, was doing her work well at the end of 1000m in 1:08.9 and 600m in 36.5. Inis Rose (Dowling) and Keep In Tune (Leveque) prepared for Tauranga with 1000m in 1:06.5 and 38.8, while stablemates Augusta National (C Grylls) and Hassle Free (Dowling) strode over 1200m in 1:18.2, 1:04.4 and 37.7 in preparation for Ellerslie on Monday.
Two more for Ellerslie, Deema (Sapsworth) and Ratmansky (Wilson), were well held over 1000m in 1:07.5 and 39.5. Witz End (J Collett) was keen over 1200m in 1:176.2, 1:01.8 and 37.5, while Natalie (Hercock) and Enhance (Forbes) ran home from the 800m in 52.6 and 37.6.
On the sand Silverdale (Brown) looked on target for the Hawke’s Bay Cup when he worked solo over ground, recording 1:18.2 for his last 1200m, 1:03.6 for 100m and 37.2 for the final 600. The Stephen Autridge-trained gelding has made good progress since his recent Hastings win.
Only A Rose (A ones) prepared for Tauranga with 1000m in 1:04.7 and 36.7, while Matimba (A Jones) and Tequila At Midnight (Barnes) covered the same distance in 1:08.8 and 39.2.
Culto La Vida (S McKay) and Silverado (J Collett) were paired over 1200m in 1:19.2, 1:04.6 and 37.8. Over the same ground last start winner Apache Fireworks (M Brosnan) returned 1:26.6, 1:10.2 and 39.8, Lord Shiva (R Jones) and The Energizer (Roff) took 1:19.8, 1:04.6 and 38.2, and Milan Miss (Misbah) 1:30.7, 1:14.6 and 44.8. The Bunsta (C Ormsby) was timed over 1000m in 1:10.2 and 39.
On the all-weather track, Hawke’s Bay Cup entry Wisecrack (K Jones) strode over the last 1200m of his work in 1:19.2, with the last 1000m in 1:04.7 and 600m in a smart 36.5.
Eight Mates (Swann) and Five Hundy (P Turner) were in good form over 1200m in 1:16.8, 1:02.9 and 36.4. Five Hundy runs at Ellerslie on Monday, while his stablemate is being reserved for Te Rapa on Saturday week. Super Thunder (Wright) was timed over the last 1000m of his work in 1:07.5 and 37.8.

Matamata Trackwork, Tuesday 1 April 2014
Class racemares Viadana, Xanadu and Fix confirmed their fitness for Saturday’s New Zealand Thoroughbred Breeders’ Stakes with impressive trackwork at Matamata this morning.
Viadana was ridden by raceday rider Craig Grylls when she and Needlly (Dowling) strode over 1200m on the plough, running the distance in 1:15.9, 1000m in 1:01.8 and 600m in 36.8. Viadana, who appears to have thrived since her Tauranga win, edged ahead of her stablemate over the final stages of the gallop. Needlly will run in Saturday’s open 1400.
Michael Coleman took last year’s Breeders’ Stakes winner Xanadu for a solo gallop on the plough, recording 1:16.2 for 1200m and 1:01.5 over the last 1000m. Fog prevented any further sectional timing but she stretched out impressively to the line.
The Kelso stable’s second Breeders’ Stakes candidate, Fix (K Jones), worked on the course proper with Sir Elmo (A Jones), where the going against the nine-metre rail position just had the fire out of it. After working away steadily from the winning post, they had a full head of stem up passing the 1200m mark, running that distance in a smart 1:13 and maintaining the tempo for a final 600m in 35.8. No 1000m time was possible due to the fog.
Fix, who returned to form at Tauranga last week, relished her work as she led Sir Elmo to the finish. Sir Elmo will race in Rating 75 grade at either Te Aroha or Hastings on the weekend.
Most other work took place on the plough, where Te Aroha open 1400 rivals Ididit (C Grylls) and Jubilate (Sapsworth) where paired in sound work over 1200m in 1:18.8, 1000m in 1:03.3 and 600m in 36.4. Volcano (R Jones) and Augusta National (Dowling), who will resume in the Rating 75 1400 at Te Aroha, covered the same distance in 1:16.6, 1:02.3 and 37.2.
Te Aroha three-year-old 1400 entrant La Adelita (Miller) and Sunset Pass (Misbah) began steadily to run 1200m in 1:20.5, quickening stylishly for a final 1000m in 1:04.7 and 600m in 35.6. Promising stayer Chazelle (J Collett) was also impressive as she prepared for Te Aroha over 1200m in 1:16, 1:03.1 and 36.4.
Letmeby (Coleman) and Tiara Concerto (Sapsworth) ran the same trip in 1:17.5, 1:03 and 36.8, Precious Time (Richards) returned 1:10.2, 1:06 and 38.4, and Alice Web Ellis (Sapsworth) and Ratmansky (Wilson) took 1:27.4, 1:08.9 and 39.8.
Hastings weekend runners Silverdale (C Grylls) and Babilloni (Brown) worked at a solid tempo over 1200m in 1:16.2, but no sectional times were possible.
Over 1000m Chambord (Miller) and Royal Rhythm (Misbah) recorded 1:04.2 and 36.7 in preparation for next week’s trials, Persuasive (C Grylls) and Viking Regent (Hutton) took 1:05 and 37.6, Umizoomi (Blair) 1:14 and 40.4, Copacabana (Wratten) 1:08.4 and 39.8, Urban Angel (R Jones) 1:10.7 and 38.9, Stylee (Miller) and Speeding (Colgan) 1:08.2 and 36.3, and Brer (Hazlett) 1:14.2 and 40.8.
On the all-weather track The Bunsta (C Ormsby) was timed over his final 1000m in 1:08.6 and 38, while Te Aroha entrant Ira Bean (McRae) ended striding work with 1200m in 1:17.3 and 1:04.6 for the last 1000m.

Matamata Trackwork Tuesday, 25 March 2014
Hero I Am and Beckham looked ready to take their last start winning form to Awapuni on the weekend when they worked stylishly at Matamata this morning.
On the all-weather track, Hero I Am (C Grylls) and Beckham (J McKay) had pace on from the start of their 1000-metre gallop, cutting out the distance in 1:02.2 and hitting the line strongly with a final 600m in 36. The McKay-trained pair have done everything right since their home track wins a fortnight ago and promise big efforts at Awapuni, where Hero I Am contests the Manawatu Sires’ Produce Stakes and Beckham the Rating 65 1200.
On a good plough another last start winner heading for the Awapuni two-year-old feature, Twice Smitten (Myers), was well held in company with Pardon Moi (Roff) over 1000m in 1:10.2, picking up the tempo for a final 600m in 39.5. Angelica Hall (Miler), who runs in the three-year-old 1400 at Awapuni, went with Ellerslie weekend candidate Wolfwhistle over 800m in 51.1 and 600m in a tidy 36.5.
Irish Encore (Hutton) and Kaleidoscope (O’Sullivan) were paired in smart work over 1000m in 1:01.4 and 36.2, while Ellerslie maiden candidate Aladdin (J Collett) caught the eye over 1200m in 1:15.2, 1000m in 1:01 and 600m in 35.8.
Funhouse (Sapsworth) and Villas (B Grylls) drew attention to their Ellerslie prospects with 1000m in 1:02.5 and 36.2. Makarska (Coleman) and Pussy O’Reilly (B Grylls) cut out 1200m in 1:17.4, 1:01.8 and 35.7 as they prepared for their respective engagements at Ellerslie and Awapuni.
Sir Darci (Misbah) turned in a good trial for the Manawatu Classic when he and Osmunda (Miller) covered 1200m in 1:1:20.5, 1:05 and 36.7. Race rival Ekraarstatic (C Grylls) also impressed over 1200m in 1:17, 1:02.2 and 36.3. She has trained on well from her last start win.
Postnthyme (C Ormsby) prepared for Pukekohe on Friday with 1200m in 1:17.7, 1:04 and 37.3. Over the same distance Kinda Leica (H McQuade) returned 1:23.2, 1:07.8 and 39.2, Fiftyshadesofgrey (K Jones) 1:26.4, 1:11 and 40.2, Volcano (Dowling) and Needlly (Leveque) 1:20.2, 1:04.7 and 37.6, Ira Bean (McRae) 1:20.6, 1:05.1 and 37, and Quest (K Jones) 1:24.7, 1:08.6 and 39.4.
Vettel (J McKay) and Almansa (S McKay) were paired in sound work over 1000m in 1:03.3 and 36.8, while Justintime (Coleman) and Cass King (Wong) cut out the same trip in a slick 1:02.2 and 35.9. Hi Viz (A Jones) was in good form for Pukekohe as she strode over 1200m in 1:17.5, 1:02 and 36.2, and Jordanian Prince (R Jones) clocked a smart 1:15.2 and 35.8.  
Rose Of Virginia (Leveque) and Augusta National (Dowling) were strong over 1200m in 1:15.8 and 1000m in 1:01.4, with fog preventing any further sectionals. Stoneleigh (K Hillis) and Four Baronesses (Brown) covered 1200m in 1:21.2 and 1000m in 1:06.7, and Hearts In The Sky (K McQuade) took 1:28.2 and 1:11.6.
Speedy Jacks (C Grylls) cut out 1000m in 1:04.6 and 37.8, Ribbony Rose (Brick) was keen early before recording 1:02.2 and 38.2, Mary Quant (O’Sullivan) and De Kensington Oval (Man) took 1:07.2 and 37, and In Flight (R Jones) and Morena (Dowling) 1:03.5 and 37.2.
Bounding (K Jones), who will gallop between races at Matamata next Wednesday as she prepares for Sydney, worked away steadily to run 1000m in 1:14.8, breezing home in 41.3.
On the all-weather track, Ellerslie candidate Wisecrack (K Jones) was timed over his last 1000m in 1:05.2. Thunder Zeus (M Gibbs) ran the last 1000m of his work in 1:10 and 41.7.


Matamata Trackwork Tuesday, 18 March 2014
Xanadu and Viadana prepared for Saturday’s Windsor Park Japan Trophy at Tauranga with impressive work at Matamata this morning, when heavy fog severely restricted timing.
Galloping 18 metres out on a dead course proper, Xanadu had first use of the track as raceday rider Michael Coleman let her stride over 1200m in 1:19.5, picking up the tempo for a final 1000m in 1:04.5 and 600m in 37.6. The Kelso-trained mare hit the line strongly, indicating she will be in the thick of the action on the weekend.
Race rival Viadana (Dowling) and Rating 85 1300 candidate Queens Rose (Sapsworth) were well matched over1200m in 1:17, 1000m in 1:03.1 and 600m in a smart 36.2. Both look very bright for their weekend assignments.
The in-form Danica Guy-trained pair In Style (Coleman) and Tomorrowland (P Turner) went together over 1200m in 1:22.8 and the last 1000m in 1:08. Fog prevented any further sections. In Style will attempt her fourth consecutive win in the R85 1300 at Tauranga, while last start maiden winner Tomorrowland runs in the 1300-metre three-year-old event.
Equanimity (Misbah) and Urban Angel (Miller) prepared for Tauranga with 1000m in 1:04.5, while stablemates Sovereign Rose (Kalinc) and Milan Miss (Hercock) strode over 1200m in 1:19.5 and 1000m in 1:05.
Amongst the few other gallops that were timed, Powerplaya (Coleman) had a solid hitout on the all-weather track over 1200m in 1:16.4. He will run in the open middle-distance event at Tauranga, where he was a winner earlier this year.
On the sand Maeve Davone (Roff) prepared for Waverley on Sunday over 1200m in 1:25.8 and 800m in 54.4. Dilly (O’Sullivan) was never at top over 1000m in 1:11.8, while Umizoomi (O’Sullivan) completed a similar task in 1:12.6.
Puccini could not be timed as co-trainer Peter McKay sent him over a solidly run 1000m with Kick Buttowski (S McKay). The Derby winner is thriving in his final week at home before heading to Sydney.

Credit – Dennis Ryan


Matamata Trackwork Tuesday 11 February 2014
Annie Higgins confirmed her fitness for Saturday’s Go Racing Avondale Gold Cup with an impressive gallop at Matamata this morning.
With blinkers fitted, Annie Higgins (Dowling) set off over ground on a good plough and was timed to run her last 1200m in 1:19.1, with the final 1000m in 1:04.5 and 600m in 37.3. Although not the fastest time of the session it was still good stayer’s work and indicated that The Lance Noble-trained mare can bounce back in the Ellerslie 2400-metre feature.
Following last start rider Matt Cameron’s decision to ride Who Shot Thebarman on Saturday, Rory Hutchings has been booked to ride Annie Higgins in the Avondale Cup.
Avondale Guineas candidates Habitual Offender (C Ormsby) and Valdivia (P Ormsby) had early use of the plough as they cut out the last 1200m of their work in 1:18.5, with the final 1000m in 1:02.8 and 600m in an impressive 35.6. Valdivia has trained on well from his handy fifth in the Waikato Guineas, while Habitual Offender will be an interesting runner in his first middle-distance test on the weekend.
Race rival Lucky Feather was given a solid hitout by co-trainer Cyril Goodwin on the all-weather track, where he was timed over 1200m in 1:18.6, 1:04.3 and 36.8. He will be ridden by Craig Grylls in the Avondale Guineas.
Back on the plough later in the session, Fix (K Jones) shaped up impressively for Ellerslie when she left 1200m behind in 1:18.8, 1:03 and 35.5. In the same form in Saturday’s open 1500 metres she can return to the form that made her one of last season’s star three-year-olds. Alvesta (Coleman) prepared for the same race with 1000m in 1:04.2 and 600m in 36.2.
Hidden Secret (O’Sullivan) turned in a good trial for Te Aroha on Friday when cutting out 1000m in 1:02 and 600m in 35.7. Stablemate Prince Bruno (Hutton) prepared for the same meeting with 1000m in 1:03.5 and 36. Tiara (Cameron) shaped up well for Ellerslie when paired with Riverenza (Hercock) over a solid 1200m in 1:15.6, 1:01.4 and 35.6.
Living The Dream (C Grylls) drew attention to her Ellerslie prospects when she and Tiara Concerto (Wilson) left 1000m behind in 1:02.6 and 36.2. Covered ’N Bay (P Turner) prepared for New Plymouth on Saturday with 1200m in 1:17.6, 1:03.4 and 37.6, while Ellerslie candidates Imagine (P Ormsby) and The Last Shower (C Ormsby) returned 1:21.6, 1:05.7 and 37.6.
Ekraarstatic (C Grylls) and Stoneleigh (Brown) shaped up well Te Aroha with 1000m in 1:04.3 and 600m in 36.5. Ellerslie candidate Juggernaut Rock (K Price) was paired with Lac La Ronge (R Jones) over a smart 1000m in 1:03.5 and 35.9.
Others to work well over the same ground included Mi Savvy Boy (Hutton) and Da Shindig (O’Sullivan) in 1:02.4 and 36.8, Elusive Flirt (A Jones) and Goldie (Goodwin) in 1:05.5 and 36.4, and He’s Dan (Myers) and Buffalo Lass (A Jones) in 1:08.2 and 36.8.
Brandy (A Jones) was travelling well at the end of 1200m in 1:19, 1:03.2 and 36.8, while Savarhys (Allen) covered the same distance in 1:24.7, 1:07.8 and 37.6, Postnthyme (C Grylls) 1:26.6, 1:10.2 and 41.8, High Viz (Coleman) 1:25.3, 1:09 and 38.6, Little Chief (Roff) 1:22.6, 1:07.4 and 39.2, Belleza Irlandesa (P Turner) 1:23.2, 1:07 and 37.2, and King Savinsky (Cameron) 1:30.3, 1:14.5 and 43.
Over 1000m Spitting Image (Samuelsson) returned 1:08.9 and 41.4, Rose Of Falkirk (Roff) 1:10.3 and 40.6, Madly Bentley (P Ormsby) 1:10.3 and 40.6, and Copacabana (Wratten) 1:14.8 and 44.5. In Style (N Waddell) and Happy Place (P Turner) were timed from the 800m in 54.2 and 39.

Matamata Trackwork, Tuesday 28 January 2014
Chambord confirmed his readiness for Saturday’s Waikato Guineas with smart work at Matamata this morning.
Galloping 15 metres out on a dead course proper, Chambord (Cameron) and stablemate Wolfwhistle (Misbah) covered 1000m in 1:04.2, with the final 600m in a slick 35.5. Chambord, who struck bad luck yet again in the Levin Classic, will be under the spotlight in Saturday’s 2000-metre feature as he continues his Derby preparation. 
Two more from the Jason Bridgman stable being aimed at the Waikato Guineas, King Savinsky (Hercock) and Longbeach (C Grylls), were paired over 1200m in 1:17.6, with their last 1000m in 1:03.9 and 600m in 36.8.
Viadana (C Grylls), who is being aimed at Saturday week’s NRM Waikato Sprint, and Te Rapa first day candidate Always On My Mind (Dowling) had pace on throughout 1000m in 1:01.9 and 600m in 36.4.
Te Rapa entrants Irish Encore (C Grylls) and Nous (Blair) did sound work over 1000m in 1:04.2 and 600m in 35.9, while Fix (K Jones) and Five Hundred (P Turner) ran the same trip in 1:05.2 and 36.5. Fix looks improved for her recent fresh-up run and will start in Saturday’s R85 1400.
Seline (Cameron) and Stylee (Misbah) prepared for New Plymouth on Sunday with 1200m in 1:16.4, 1000m in 1:02.7 and 600m in 36.5. Over the same ground Zulu Boy (Hepi) and Savarhys (Roff) returned 1:19.8, 1:03.4 and 36.4, Precious Time (Hercock) and Osmunda (Cameron) 1:20.2, 1:05.4 and 36.6, The Hotz (C Ormsby) and Valdivia (Ormando) 1:16.9, 1:04.5 and 36.6, and Volcano (Leveque) and King’s Fortune (Dowling) 1:18.8, 1:05.2 and 38.
Te Rapa candidates Wannabe (Hutton) and Queens Rose (Sapsworth) were sound over 1200m in 1:16.2, 1000m in 1:02.9 and 600m in 36.5. The Last Word (C Ormsby) was timed over 1000m in 1:05.8 and 37, while Umizoomi (Coleman) took 1:09.3 and 38.2.
Last start winner Elroi (Myers) was kept to three-quarter-pace over 1200m in 1:28.9 and 44.3. He will trial next week on the way to the Avondale Guineas on February 15.
On the all-weather track Waikato Guineas runner Puccini (P McKay) went with Estrato (S McKay) over 1200m in 1:17.8, 1000m in 1:03.6 and 600m in 37.
Wisecrack (K Jones) prepared for Te Rapa with 1200m in 1:22.6, 1:07 and 38. Sea Gold (K Hillis) ran the last 1000m of his work in 1:01.6 and 600m in 36.3, while Bounding (K Jones) was well held over 800m in 1:01.6 and 600m in 45.8. Ididit (Sapsworth) rolled home for a final 600m in 42.2.

Matamata Trackwork, Tuesday 21 January 2014
Annie Higgins and Graphic looked ready for big efforts in Saturday’s Platinum Homes Wellington Cup when they galloped stylishly at Matamata this morning.
Working 15 metres out on a good course proper with raceday jockey Matt Cameron in the saddle, Annie Higgins was partnered by Quest (K Jones) over 2000m. The pair had hit full stride by the 1200m mark and were timed to run that distance in 1:15.2, the last 1000m in 1:02.2 and 600m in 37.2.
Annie Higgins drew clear of her companion over the final stages, hitting the line strongly and giving every impression she can go one better than last year’s close second in the Trentham feature.
Graphic (C Ormsby) did his work on the plough, where he and maiden stablemate Buckwild (P Ormsby) strode into their task to cover 1200m in 1:18.8, picking up momentum all the way for a final 1000m in 1:01.6 and 600m in an impressive 35.5. Graphic has trained on well since his Dunstan Stayers’ Championship win on New Year’s Day and is a definite lightweight threat on Saturday. Buckwild will run on Friday at Rotorua, where he finished second at his last start.
Spellbinder (Cameron) turned in an impressive trial for Sunday’s Karaka 3YO Mile when she went solo over 1200m in 1:17.1, 1000m in 1:01.3 and 600m in 35.8. She has made excellent progress since her winning return earlier in the month.
Sir Darci (Cameron), another member of the Bridgman team heading for the Ellerslie three-year-old feature, also worked well when he and Ellerslie special maiden candidate Equanimity (Hercock) strode over 1200m in 1:17.3, 1:02.6 and 35.6.
Brave Centaur (Dowling) prepared for Saturday’s Thorndon Mile with sound work over 1200m in 1:16.6, 1000m in 1:02.3 and 600m in 36.4. He looks bright and is capable of turning his last start form around. Race rival Capone (P Turner) wasn’t after time as he cruised over 1000m in 1:08.2 and 600m in 37.8, while Forefront (Myers) was let off with 1200m in 1:30.7 and 600m in 45.2.
Dubai Shuffle (Sapsworth) turned in an impressive trial for Trentham when working with Let Me By (C Grylls) over 1200m in 1:17.2, 1:02.6 and 36.2. Tiger Moss (O’Sullivan) was another Trentham final day entrant to work well when she and Quintastics (Donnelly) cut out 1000m in 1:02.5 and 36, while Xalted (C Ormsby) and Le Choix (P Ormsby) ran the last 1000m of their work in 1:02.8 and 600m in 35.7.
Trentham runner Copacabana (C Grylls) and Rotorua entry Funhouse (Sapsworth) covered 1000m in 1:06.2 and 37.5, Miss Dell’era (O’Sullivan) ran the same distance in 1:07.8 and 39.4, Kaleidoscope (Blair) took 1:08.8 and 38.2, and Resume (B Grylls) and Pirie Piper (Holmquist) 1:05.6 and 37.9.
Total Response (C Ormsby) and Unknown Pleasure (P Ormsby) were sharp over 1000m in 1:03.4 and 600m in 35, while Little Miss Waitoki (R Jones) ran the same trip in 1:02.2 and 36.9, and Anyx (M Gibbs) and Victory Shall Be Mine (Chiong) returned 1:03.3 and 37.1.
Billie Jean King (Holmquist), who runs at Te Teko on Monday, got through 1200m in 1:19.4, 1000m in 1:04.2 and 600m in 37.6, while The Bunsta (Coleman) took 1:10.6 and 41.5 over 1000m and Fiftyshadesofgrey (K Jones) 1:06.2 and 38. Last start maiden graduate Longbeach (Cameron) looked bright as he continued his Waikato Guineas preparation with easy work over 1200m in 1:30.9 and 600m in 44.3.
Also over 1200m, King Savinsky (Cameron) took 1:25.6 and 41, China Tea (Blair) 1:22.2 and 38, Wannabe (Coleman) 1:25.6 and 40, Electric Fizz (Wright) 1:24.2 and 38.5 and Liberare (B Grylls) 1:24.5 and 41.4.
On the all-weather track Stoneleigh (K Hillis) prepared for Rotorua with 1000m in 1:07.5 and 39. Xanadu (Coleman), who reappears at Thursday’s Paeroa trials, got through her work well over 1000m in 1:12.8 and 42.6. 

Matamata Trackwork Tuesday 14 January 2014
Trentham feature race candidates Puccini and Estrato were in dashing form during a busy training session at Matamata this morning.
On a good plough, Puccini (P McKay) and Estrato (S McKay) cut out 1000m in 1:02.5, dashing home for a final 600m in 35.2. Puccini has trained on well from his Great Northern Guineas win three weeks ago and will be hard to beat again in Saturday’s Gr. 1 Ocean Park Levin Classic. Estrato also looks bright for his Trentham mission, the Anniversary Handicap.
Another likely Anniversary runner, Roc de Chine (Chiong), caught the eye with stablemate Our Essence (Sapsworth) as they covered 1200m in 1:16.2, with the last 1000m in 1:02.6 and 600m in 36.5. Taaxman (Gillies) and Touch Of Ruby (Brown) were paired in smart work over 1000m in 1:00.5 and 600m in 36.2. Taaxman will be entered for both Trentham and Saturday’s Pukekohe meeting, while Touch Of Ruby is confirmed for the northern venue.
Annie Higgins (Dowling) continued her Wellington Cup preparation with a well held 1200m in 1:22, the last 1000m in 1:06.5 and 600m in 38.5. Tiara (Hercock) worked well for her Pukekohe engagement over 1200m in 1:19.3, 1:03.8 and 36.8. Last start winners Waitoki Flower (R Jones) and Volcano (Dowling) also worked in good style over 1200m in 1:18.2, 1:03.4 and 36.8.
Umizoomi (O’Sullivan) and Foxy Belle (Blair) cut out 1000m in 1:02.3 and 600m in 36.2, while Travino (P McKay) and Culto La Vida (S McKay) returned a smart 1:01.2 and 35.2, and Copacabana (Sapsworth) and Living The Dream (C Grylls) took 1:02.6 and 36.9.
Hidden Secret (O’Sullivan) turned in a sound trial for Friday’s local meeting when partnering Pukekohe entry Tegwin (K Jones) over 1200m in 1:15.2, 1000m in 1:00.5 and 600m in 35.4. Suspicious Minds (C Ormsby) and Kidwelly (P Ormsby) also worked well when covering the same distance in 1:17.2, 1:02.2 and 35.8, while Made My Point (Hepi) and Savarhys (Roff) returned 1:16.8, 1:01.6 and 36.2.
Local Friday runner Full Monty (Myers) and Pukekohe candidate Bachelor Keen (C Grylls) went together over 1200m in 1:18.3, 1:03.6 and 37.5. Iran Bean (McRae) ran the same trip in 1:22, 1:05.8 and 37.9, Choice One Jonesy (P Turner) and Seasons Boom (K McQuade) took 1:17.8, 1:03.6 and 37.8, and Zulu Boy (Hepi) and Deschabeel (Roff) 1:19.2, 1:03.5 and 36.6.
On the all-weather track Powerplaya (K Jones) and Pussy O’Reilly (B Grylls) drew attention to their weekend prospects with 1000m in 1:02.7 and 35.5. Al Pacino (S McKay) prepared for the Wakefield Challenge Stakes when working with Jimmy Hoffa (P McKay) over 1000m in 1:02.4 and 36.5.
Rough Copy (W Hillis) worked soundly over 1000m in 1:03.4 and 37, while Flying Siege (Sapsworth) and Tiara Concerto (Chiong) weren’t chasing time over 1000m in 1:08 and 38.3. Brandy (A Jones) left 1200m behind in 1:19.9, 1:03.4 and 36.5.
Xanadu (B Grylls), who is set to trial next week, was kept to three-quarter-pace over 1000m in 1:15.4 and 45.3, while stablemate Bounding (K Jones) rolled in from the 600m in 45.8.
Other gallops: 1200m plough: Racquetor (Dowling) and Keep In Tune (R Jones) 1:17.5, 36.3; Square Circles (P Ormsby) 1:21.8, 37.7; Political Nightmare (C Grylls) 1:28.3, 42.5; Tiger Moss (Myers) 1:29.6, 44.8; Peacefuleasyfeelin (Swann) 1:30.5, 44.2; Sophisticate (A Jones) 1:26.3, 40.6; Seline (Hercock) 1:30.6, 44.7; Typhoon (Roff) 1:25.4, 40.6.
1000m plough: Riverenza (Myers) 1:06, 36.4; Goldie (Goodwin) 1:03.2, 36.5; Kindaleica (H McQuade) 1:08.2, 40.3; Mutt Williams (P Brosnan) 1:08.5, 39.6; Black Russian (Brown) 1:07, 38.4; Buffalo Boy (Holmquist) 1:08.6, 38.4; Power Of Attorney (Chiong) and Pipedreams (Sapsworth) 1:05.6, 37; Sneaky Feelings (Misbah) 1:04.5, 36.7; Flirty Gertey (Hercock) 1:13.2, 43.

Tuesday 17 December 2013

Happy Guys and Powerplaya shaped up well for Te Rapa on the weekend with an impressive gallop at Matamata this morning.
Allowed use of the course proper, which was dead with the rail in the two-metre position, Happy Guys and Powerplaya were ridden by their respective raceday jockeys Michael Coleman and Bridget Grylls as they covered1200m in 1:15.7, with the last 1000m in 1:01.9 and 600m in 35.8.
The Kelso stablemates will be rivals in the open 1600m at Te Rapa, where Happy Guys is a course and distance winner. Powerplaya has made very good progress since his last start third in strong company.
On a good plough, Back In Black (McRae) prepared for Saturday’s Manawatu Cup with strong work over ground, timed for his last 1200m in 1:17.8, 1000m in 1:03.6 and 600m in 37.9. His last start third in the Wanganui Cup suggests more than an outside chance in the Awapuni feature.
The Hotz (C Ormsby) and Graphic (P Ormsby) looked on target for their respective engagements at Te Rapa and Awapuni when covering 1200m in 1:16.2, 1:02 and 36.8, while Imagine (Coleman) and Madly Bentley (P Ormsby) prepared for Te Rapa with 1200m in 1:19.3, 1:03.8 and 37.2.  
Several members of the Jason Bridgman team did smart work as they prepared for feature festive period racing. Great Northern Guineas candidate Chambord (Hercock) and Eight Carat Classic entry Costa Viva (Myers) had early use of the plough when cutting out 1200m in 1:17.8, quickening for a brilliant final 600m in 34.7.
In similar work Great Northern Guineas runners All Decked Out (Hercock) and Aspen (Myers) had pace on throughout 1200m in 1:14.8, 1000m in 1:02 and 600m in 35.2. Eight Carat Classic prospect Flirty Gertey (Hercock) was partnered by Abidewithme (Dee) over 1200m in 1:15.5, 1:01.2 and 36.
Made My Point (Roff) and Yin Yang Master (Hepi) were also responsible for solid work over ground as they prepared for Te Rapa with 1200m in 1:14.5, 1:00.6 and 35.9. Toma Valea (P Ormsby) and Gardone (M Brosnan) ran the same distance in 1:17.8, 1:03.2 and 37.
Awapuni runner Enhance (Dee) was paired with O’Darci (Hercock) in smart work later in the session over 1200m in 1:16.6, 1:01.4 and 35.4. Villars (Sapsworth) and Fast ’N’ Gorgeous (Chiong) covered 1200m in1:20.8, 1:04.6 and 36.7, while Miss Photogenic (Roff) and Svavarsson (Hepi) cut out 1000m in 1:01.2 and 600m in 36.5.
Beauty Show (Dowling), who has recovered from a hoof infection, was not chasing time over 1200m in 1:23.4, 1:07.7 and 39.9, nor was his stablemate Viadana (Dowling) as she continued her Zabeel Classic preparation with 1200m in 1:30.8, 1:13.3 and 41.8.
Sequin (Sapsworth), who in on target for the Newmarket Handicap on Boxing Day, was kept to 1200m in 1:29.6 and 600m in 42.6. Casual Fling (Ward) took 1:08.3 for 1000m and 37.6 for her last 600m. Trendy Wendy (S Wong) ran the same trip in 1:08 and 40.3, while Jersey Girl (W Hillis) returned 1:05.2 and 37.1.
Belleza Irlandesa (K McQuade) got through 1200m in 1:18.7, 1:03.8 and 38.5. Sir Darci (Hercock) and Stanica Star (Dee) covered the same ground in 1:18.3 and 37.6, while Super Thunder (Wright) took 1:20.3 and 38.9. Donny Brasco (P McKay) and Al Pacino (S McKay) sprinted in from the 800m in 49.6 and 600m in 35.8.
On the all-weather track, last start debut winner Irish Moon (Coleman) looked bright for his Te Rapa engagement when he cut out 1000m in 1:00.9 and 600m in 36. Fix (K Jones) continued her progress with 800m in 55.6 and 600m in 40.
Te Rapa entries Neutron Star (Sapsworth) and Magnify (Wratten) were timed over 1000m in 1:03.3 and 600m in 36.9.


Tuesday 3 December 2013
Captain Cook Stakes candidates Brave Centaur and Viadana got the tick of approval for Saturday’s big race when they galloped at Matamata this morning.
Working solo on a good plough, Brave Centaur (Dowling) set off at an even gallop to record 1:20.2 for 1200m, with his last 1000m in 1:05 and 600m in 37.6. The Lance Noble-trained gelding, who looks very bright, was under a strong hold at the line.
Stablemate Viadana (Dowling) was partnered by Waitoki Flower (R Jones) in a similar task, cutting out 1200m in 1:19.8, 1000m in 1:05.3 and 600m in 38.5. Viadana has come through her last start second in pleasing condition and should offer decent opposition for the quality field she meets at Trentham.
Ellerslie weekend candidates Persuasive (Coleman) and Kaleidoscope (Blair) caught the eye in their work over 1000m in 1:03.4 and 600m in 36.7. Persuasive has trained on well from her last start win, while Kaleidoscope didn’t have much luck in her most recent outing.
Undisclosed (P McKay) looked in good order for Saturday’s Concorde Handicap when he and Kick Buttowski (S McKay) cut out 1000m in 1:02.5 and 600m in 36.5. Our Essence (Sapsworth), who runs at the Ellerslie twilight meeting next Wednesday, got through her work well over 1200m in 1:20.8, 1:05.1 and 37.2.
Impressive last start winner Pikachu (J Collett) worked stylishly over the same ground in 1:20.8, 1:04.6 and 36.3, while Pride And Passion (Hercock) returned 1:21.3, 1:04.9 and 36.9. Silk Chardonnay (P Turner) ran smart time of 1:16.6, 1:02.8 and 37.8.
Milan Miss (Cameron) and Cajero (Hercock), likely runners at Waipukurau on Sunday, got through sound work over 1200m in 1:18.4, with the last 1000m in 1:03.8 and 600m in 36.3. Beauty Perception (Leveque), a weekend entry for Ellerslie, strode over 1200m in 1:21.1, 1:06.6 and 39.5. King’s Fortune (S Wong) travelled up well at the end of his work over 1000m in 1:07.6 and 600m in 36.4.
NZ 2000 Guineas runner-up Chambord (Hercock) was allowed to run his last 1000m in 1:10.2 and 600m in 40.5. Lifeline Express (Forbes) rolled into his work well over 1000m in 1:09.8 and 600m in 40.7. The unraced Zabeel colt, who beat Chambord in a Te Teko spring trial, has come in for strong support on the early fixed odds New Zealand Derby market. Trainers Paul and Kris Shailer have his debut planned for the Matamata meeting on December 18.
Strike Back (Coleman) and Political Nitemare (Blair), unraced Derby entries from the O’Sullivan-Scott stable, shaped up over 1000m in 1:07.2 and 37.7. Where It Began (C Ormsby) flattened out well over the final stages of his work over 1200m in 1:26.2, 1:10 and 39.4. Hot Rod (Forbes) ran the same trip in 1:23.7, 1:08.5 and 39.2, while Exabelle (Hercock) returned 1:20.7, 1:05.3 and 36.8.
Money Maker (M Brosnan) left 1000m behind in 1:08.5 and 39.4, while Little Chief (Roff) clocked 1:04.5 and 37.2, Choice One Jonesy (H McQuade) took 1:05.8 and 39.5, Taaxman (Gillies) 1:09.2 and 41.4, and Forefront (Forbes) 1:10.5 and 41.4. Stella’s Honour (C Ormsby) and Valdivia (P Ormsby) were timed over 1000m in 1:06.2 and 600m in 38.6
Cristal Heights (Leveque) and Keep In Tune (S Wong) put the pace on in the early stages on the way to running 1200m in 1:17.4, 1000m in 1:02.8 and 600m in 38.3. Annie Higgins (Dowling) was not after time over 1200m in 1:28.8 and 42. She has come through her Counties Cup win in good order and is on target for the Waikato Times Gold Cup on Saturday week.
Long Beach (Cameron) strode through 1200m in 1:22.8, with his last 1000m in 1:07.2 and 600m in 37.6. Tiger Moss (P Turner) ran over the same ground in 1:20.2, 1:06.4 and 39.7, Le Bon Fin (Holmquist) took 1:22, 1:07.6 and 39.8, and Ira Bean (McRae) was kept to 1:29.2, 1:12 and 41.2.
Wisecrack (K Jones) caught the eye on the all-weather track, where he ran the last 1000m of his work in 1:02.8 and 600m in 36.2. Pussy O’Reilly (B Grylls) was keen to go faster over the final stages of 100m in 1:11.3 and 41.2. Fix (K Jones) looked bright in her first piece of striding work since returning from fetlock chip surgery.

Tuesday 19 November 2013
DHL Counties Cup entries Annie Higgins, Thrive, Wisecrack and Back In Black all shaped up well when getting through their work at Matamata this morning.
On a good plough, Annie Higgins (Dowling) was partnered by Natsinga (Leveque) in a solid gallop over ground, timed to run their last 1200m in 1:19.2, 1000m in 1:04.4 and 600m in 37.4. Annie Higgins has had a good build-up to her first summer cup target and will be at peak fitness for Saturday’s Pukekohe feature.
Thrive (K Myers) looked well when hitting out boldly over ground, with her last 1200m in 1:18.9, 1000m in 1:04.7 and 600m in 36.7. Any rain would boost her Counties Cup prospects.
Wisecrack (K Jones) did his work on the all-weather track, where he rolled into the second round and ran his last 1200m in 1:18.4, 1000m in 1:03.8 and 600m in 37.1. He has made good progress in his recent racing. Back In Black (McRae) was not after time in striding work, timed from the 1200m in 1:23.2, 1:08.3 and 38.6.
Also on the all-weather track, Auckland Breeders’ Stakes candidate Pussy O’Reilly (B Grylls) shaped up well in company with Zankuro (K Jones), cutting out 1200m in 1:17, 1000m in 1:02.8 and 600m in 36.4. Zankuro runs in the open 1600 at Pukekohe.
Promising juvenile Douro (C Grylls) looked the part in his work with an Align gelding (M Gibbs), running in from the 800m in 48.5 and 600m in 36.2. Douro runs in the Murdoch Newell Stakes at Pukekohe. Quest (K Jones) got through 1200m in 1:20.8, 1:05.4 and 38.2, while Irish Moon (Coleman) took 1:08.4 and 39.3 over 1000m.   
Back on the plough, Sequin (Coleman), who has reverted to her original name after racing last season as Huffer, was partnered in brilliant work by fellow Pukekohe entry Living The Dream (Cheung) over 1000m in 1:00.5 and 600m in 35.7. 
Rose Of Virginia (Dowling) and Needlly (C Grylls) prepared for Pukekohe with a slick 1200m in 1:15.3, 1000m in 1:01.4 and 600m in 36.3. Awapuni weekend entry Hardcore Rock (Hercock) and Longbeach (Cameron) were paired in attractive work over 1200m in 1:18.8, 1:02.8 and 36.2.
Queen’s Rose (Sapsworth) and Arnold (Wratten) prepared for Pukekohe over 1200m in a smart 1:16.7, 1:02 and 36.5, while Taaxman (R Jones) and Stoneleigh (K Hillis) cut out 1000m in 1:03.5 and 37.2. Sophia’s Dream (O’Sullivan) was in good form as she prepared for Pukekohe with 1000m in 1:00.4 and 35.8.
Suspicious Mind (Samuelsson) and Unknown Pleasure (C Ormsby) began steadily over 1000 and ran the trip in 1:06.2, quickening for a final 600m in 36.2. Over the same ground Irish Encore (C Grylls) clocked 1:04.8 and 36.9 in preparation for Thursday’s local meeting, Ella Grace (Burton) and Yes (Swann) 1:01.8 and 36.5, Only A Rose (A Jones) 1:05.2 and 37, and Ekraarstatic (Brown) 1:05.7 and 38.3.
Everlong (C Ormsby) shaped up for Matamata with 1200m in 1:21.4, 1:05 and 36.4, while Always On My Mind (S Wong) returned 1:21.8, 1:06.2 and 39, Vitali (C Grylls) 1:20.4, 1:05.2 and 37, Giardini (O’Sullivan) 1:21.2, 1:05.8 and 37.8, and Umizoomi (Donnelly) 1:19.7, 1:03.5 and 36.2.
Mulan Miss (K Myers) and Exabelle (Dee) were in good form over 1200m in 1:19.7, 1:04.5 and 36.7. Liberare (P Ormsby) covered the same ground in 1:19.4, 1:04.2 and 37, Yin Yang Master (Allen) 1:21, 1:05.2 and 37.4, Lookatmepins (S Wong) 1:20.7, 1:05 and 37.2, and Prospero (Cameron) 1:23.4, 1:08.2 and 39.4.
Other plough gallops: 1200m: Xalted (P Ormsby) 1:23, 1:08.6, 40.9; Opt (Coleman) and Hidden Secret (Blair) 1:24.7, 1:07.5, 36.7; Made My Point (Roff) 1:26.2, 1:10.4, 41.5; Tegwin (K Jones) 1:24.4, 1:08.2, 40.5; Tiger Moss (O’Sullivan) 1:26.4, 1:09.6, 39.7; Savarhys (R Jones) 1:19.9, 1:04.4, 37; Rivertaine Coup (C Grylls) and Alice Web Ellis (Cheung) 1:23.4, 1:07.2, 41; Ronan (M Brosnan) 1:18.8, 1:02.4, 37; King’s Fortune (Leveque) and Can’t Hassle Me (S Wong) 1:22.7, 1:07.5, 40; Miss Directional (C Grylls) 1:22.7, 1:07.5, 39.4.
1000m: My Mestari (Forbes) 1:07.3, 40.4; Secret Jewel (J Collett) 1:05.2, 38.5; Mr Mendelssohn (H McQuade) and Choice One Jonesy (K McQuade) 1:08.9, 39.5.
800m: Billie Jean King (Goodwin) and Peria Princess (Holmquist) 54.8, 39.9.


Tuesday 12 November 2013

New Zealand Cup lightweight Juggernaut Rock shaped in the style of a possible upsetter when he got through his final serious work at Matamata this morning.
Ridden by co-owner Kelly Hall on the sand, Juggernaut Rock strode over ground and was timed from the 1200m in 1:19.3, picking up the tempo for a final 1000m in 1:02.5 and 600m in 36.5. The Jason Price-trained gelding has trained on well from his last start win over 2400 metres and gives every indication that he will lap up the 3200 metres of Saturday’s Riccarton feature, for which a jockey has yet to be confirmed.
Fellow New Zealand Cup candidate Canterino did his work on the all-weather track, where co-trainer Peter McKay let him stride over two rounds, running his last 1200m evenly in 1:18.4, 1000m in 1:05.8 and 600m in 39.4. He looks bright and will be ridden on Saturday by Leith Innes.
Also on the all-weather track, Powerplaya (Coleman) worked well in company with Happy Guys (K Jones) as their pair primed up for Tauranga on Saturday, cutting out a solid 1200m in 1:14.2, 1000m in 1:00.9 and 600m in 36.
She’s Samashing (C Ormsby) prepared for Tauranga with a smart 1000m in 1:03.4 and 600m in 35.5, while stablemate Calypso (C Ormsby) did similar work in 1:04.2 and 36.6. Arnold (Wratten) and The Knott (Gibbs) were paired over 1200m in 1:16.5, 1:04 and 38.2. Dubai Shuffle (Sapsworth) and Letmeby (Cheung) recorded 1:19.4, 1:05.4 and 37.2.
Back In Black (McRae), preparing for next week’s Counties Cup, was always comfortable over 1200m in 1:22.4, 1:07.1 and 38.3. Elusive Flirt (A Jones) left 1000m behind in 1:07 and 39.3, Square Circles (C Grylls) took 1:08.5 and 40.2, Pachenko (A Jones) 1:07.5 and 38.5, and Sateka (Goodwin) 1:04.8 and 39.
On the course proper, which was good 25m out, Villars (Sapsworth) drew attention to her Tauranga prospects when she shaded Tauranga Stakes entry Villifye (C Grylls) at the end of 1200m in 1:18.7, 1000m in 1:04.9 and 600m in 38.8. With placings at all four starts to date, Villars is set to break maiden grade this weekend.
Last start winner Agent Ziva (C Grylls) shaped up for the R85 1200 at Tauranga with 1200m in 1:18.9, 1:03.8 and 38, while stablemate Sunbeam (Coleman) returned 1:20.2, 1:04 and 38.9.
Back on the sand, New Zealand 1000 Guineas candidate Miss Mossman was ridden by raceday jockey Kelly Myers when partnering Made My Point (Roff) over 1200m in 1:20.4, 1:04.9 and 36.4.
Twist Of Fate (C Grylls) did sound work for Tauranga over 1000m in 1:04.7 and 600m in 37.3. Hidden Secret (P Turner) and Centre Stage (C Grylls) left 1200m behind in 1:20.6, with the last 1000m in 1:05.3 and 600 in 37.
Over the same ground Wairaka (Cheung) and Our Essence (Sapsworth) took 1:20.4, 1:05.5 and 38.8, Vitali (P Turner) 1:26.3, 1:10.6 and 41.5, Rose Of Virginia (Wong) 1:21.4, 1:06.2 and 38.8, Beauty Perception (Leveque) and Inis Rose (R Jones) 1:20.1, 1:06.5 and 39.2, and Chazelle (J Collett) 1:21.8, 1:06.6 and 38.8.
Pikachu (J Collett) and Beauty Show (C Grylls) did good work together over 1000m in 1:02.2 and 600m in 36.1. Douro (Wratten) also shaped up well over 800m in 49.5 and 600m in 36.2.
Mr Mendelssohn (P Turner) quickened in his work with 1000m in 1:08.2 and 600m in 39.8. Foxy Belle (Blair) covered the same ground in 1:03.8 and 37.9, while Schrodingers Cat (Brown) took 1:08.2 and 40.5, Augusta National (Wong) 1:08.4 and 40.9, Precious Time (Dee) 1:14.3 and 44.2, Copacabana (Wratten) 1:13.8 and 43.6, and Ten Belles (Allen) 1:13.3 and 40.4.
On Monday leading New Zealand 1000 Guineas candidates Bounding and Spellbinder signed off their preparations with impressive work. Hot favourite Bounding (K Jones) worked on the all-weather track, where she and Pussy O’Reilly (J Collett) cut out a slick 1200m in 1:13.7, with the last 1000m in 60.5 and the 600m in 35.8.
Spellbinder worked right-handed on the course proper, where the going was dead 23 metres out. Ridden by Kate Hercock, she was partnered by an unnamed Guillotine filly (Miller) over 1200m in 1:19.5, quickening for a final 600m in 36.3.
Traveller (K Jones), who will accompany Bounding to Riccarton, worked on the all-weather track, striding from the 1200m in 1:16.5, 1000m in 1:02.5 and finishing off with 600m in 36.5. 




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